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August 2010 Intensive, Dalian, China

Intensive with Grandmaster Wang Liping

December 2010, Kwame Yankson 


After a long period of travel and spending a night in Peking we finally arrived at our training ground to begin ten days of hard work. On the very first evening, Master Wang was available to greet us. I shook his hand and it felt surreal, yet this was a reminder that I had travelled a long way to receive teachings from a real spiritual master. The first thought that popped in my mind as we met was, “wow, he is really friendly!” Indeed, this is a sentiment that remained unchanged throughout the seminar. At this point I still had no idea what was in store for me and for the rest of the group in the coming days.


In my view, the training can best be described as “challenging”, but also as fascinating, energizing and after all the pain and deep dream experiences, one’s spirit is left wanting more. This is the “real deal” training of an authentic system.


Master Wang’s instruction was challenging for me because although I had been earnestly practicing daoist foundation training methods for over three years prior to meeting Master Wang, I felt like beginner once again. Master Wang was gentle and careful in directing us during the meditation, however the presence of the strong energy field generated by him both accelerated our training and was the cause of discomfort in our muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and energies as we sat cross-legged during meditation. I kept thinking to myself that it would be such a big pity to have to go through this training and not continue practicing upon returning home.


Yet in spite of the challenges associated with the practice, I felt I reached a new level in my practice after spending only a few days training with Master Wang. After only the fifth day I had a spontaneous activation of the “Small Heavenly Orbit” and for the rest of the time with Master Wang, this event occurred several times, often with more stability. My ability to “see” also improved a bit, so that on some occasions I was able to perceive objects with near crystal clear ability and even on some occasions with colour. Not to mention the deep dream experiences that resulted from the sleep practices. So for me these were reminders of the importance of continuing the training so as to continue building a strong foundation to possibly improve my capacity in future.


Of great significance to me was the personal energy work Master Wang carried out on all of us while we were meditating. This for me was the key difference between studying with an individual who is familiar with a system and studying with another individual who has realized the system. Master Wang’s energy assistance is real, sometimes subtle yet powerful, at times almost feeling overwhelming but always what was needed to improve my being. For this I am truly grateful.


Meals were supplied in generous quantities! I took advantage of this and was at times the last person to leave our dining room because there was so much left over, yet having reached my limit I had to leave. After training really hard with all of us struggling to even stretch our legs, Master Wang’s regular advice to us was, “Eat more rice!” We would laugh it off, knowing that he had our best interests at heart. He really meant for us to eat well so we could have enough energy to train.   


Alas, ten days went by so quickly and before we knew it, the seminar had reached its end and it was time to return home. The last night was spent at a hotel close to the airport in Dalian. Once again, Master Wang showed up at our Dalian hotel on our last night and personally made sure that all arrangements were in order. He even went to the extent of ordering our dinner for us from their menu selection.


Then came the moment of departure: with his ever radiant face, he shook our hands and bid us goodbye, some of us ensuring him that we hopefully meet again soon. As he walked away I realized what an important event this seminar has been for me and why it was essential that I made all efforts to continue practicing what I learnt at the seminar once I returned home. I came to this seminar trying to have as few expectations as possible and left a happy individual.


I had a great seminar where I met a real master and also made some new friends.


 Raymond Long's Intensive Training

August 2010 - Raymond Long's Intensive Training

The training during the seminar was like the life of a person growing up. The first three days I felt like I received more than what I paid for. The next couple days I felt like I wasn’t there for days, but months. 

The training of meditation, tree exercise and walking meditation all added up and I felt it. Each session I knew I felt the internal energy coursing in my organs, meridians and muscles. It was evident in the meditation sessions I shook so much that I sweated so much I dreaded the next meditation session. On doing tree exercise, I thought it would take time for me to feel it, but I felt the coursing energy right away. Upon walking exercise which I also felt would take time for me to feel the energy, I mysteriously took two big steps forward and I wasn’t the one moving my body, it’s as though someone else was moving my body, my internal self.

Then I started having visions of Gods, immortals and enlighten beings coming to visit me during the meditation sessions. I learned chants, had conversations with so many beings I can’t even remember. What I asked a questions, I received an answer. But I was deviating from the training, spoiling myself, so I focused on the quiet training. I wasn’t ready yet.


When I came back home to the United States, I realized I gain not super powers, but something more deep. I realized I am not the same person who left for China. It’s as though someone took my “book of fate” and rewrote the next chapters of my life. I don’t feel tired or need to have a nap in the afternoons. My conscience is clear of abstractions and useless contemplation. I am doing so much education work where a mere normal person would have collapsed. My friends and families notice I’ve been losing weight. My Tai-Chi exercises and stretches are more intense and feel more natural. My muscle physique is more pronounced and my martial abilities felt so powerful I had to control it. But that’s only just the observation. It’s like I am finally achieving the state of balance of Yin-Yang. There’s more to it. I have gained more than what I would expect in a million lifetimes.



- Raymond Long, MS, LMT, New York City


 AJ's Intensive Training:

Ever since the age of four, I have been searching for the answers most of us would like to know;  'Why are we here?  Where do we come from and where are we going? ' These questions have led me on a pilgrimage to travel many countries, explore many rich cultures from India to Brazil to the Philippines, Mexico, England, Ireland, France, etc.  Also I have studied disciplines with Masters from the Tibetan, Korean and Japanese traditions. In addition, I was initiated in Kriya yoga, and am a certified Jivamukti yoga teacher.  Amongst the gurus and the psychics, the faith healers, the zen, chod and sundo, I did not find a concrete scientific practice of mastery until I learned with Grand Master Wang Liping.   The biggest difference is, Grand Master Wang teaches you the methods to ascend versus some teachers who show terrific parlor tricks but keep their techniques secret and don't actually teach you how to perform.

I am delighted that I no longer have to travel so far and search so hard because I have now found my Life Teacher!  I thank God and all my teachers for guiding me to my highest caliber teacher, Grand Master Wang Liping.  He is the ultimate if you seek guidance to the immortal level. This is a solid practice with the rewards that we seek!  I am ever grateful for Grand Master Wang's ominscience, guidance, patience and expertise in training us to realize our fullest potential.  He is a true Master in every sense of the word and even then, words fail to express his true value!  He is THE ONE you have always been seeking!  Having Grand Master Wang as your Teacher is truly the BEST karmic gift, one cannot conceive of a more effective Teacher.

- AJ, Oriental Medicine Doctor, New York City


 Daniel Tao's Intensive Training 2010

The training with Master Wang was on a whole new level this time in 2010 as I was able to transit through time and space and different realities.  My experience in 2009 was more intense and more explanatory than my first training in 2008. It definitely felt like Master Wang was able to lead me to a new stage of understanding of the practices and was able to help enable my practice to become more refined. The presence of Master Wang himself is very powerful during the training, and his personal guidance is what makes the trip worth the time and effort. 

During the training, my mind and body felt so many different changes. I felt my body purifying the yin as I felt my consciousness shrink. My awareness felt like the rice of a rice grain. Then the yin of my body separated from the yang, and I felt my left side become light weight and very bright, and my right side became heavy and dark. I felt lopsided even though I was sitting up and I never moved. And then the yang side took over the yin, and my whole body was as if it was made of light.

Master Wang went over learning how to control the Shen and return the Ling to the body. I also learned that my focus wasn't that good with distractions from home. When I went in 2008, I was able focus, and "see" the Shenguan better, in 2009, I felt more than see. In 2010, I was able to integrate both and reach beyond.  I left China with new discipline, and with new tools to continue my practice and cultivation. I can't wait to go back and learn more. The people I met are helping me continue my practice. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

 - Daniel Tao, Oriental Medicine Doctor, California


Buffy Marie's Intensive Training 2010

I have never had that much experience with sitting meditation, apart from the most basic clearing-the-mind and deep-breathing techniques, so when my teacher Richard Liao, from acupuncture school invited me to meet his teacher, Master Wang Liping, I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn some more meditation techniques, and to possibly bring my martial and healing arts to a new level.


Knowing Master Wang’s lineage from the book < Opening the Dragon Gate>


I had no idea Master Wang was a lineage holder of the Dragon Gate Sect of the Taoist School of Complete Reality, I just knew that I trusted and respected Richard Liao and wanted to take the opportunity to broaden my own personal training. After I bought my plane tickets, and after talking to a friend with whom I go to acupuncture school, who is also a student of Master Wang, I discovered and read the biography Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist Wizard and was astonished to learn the history of Master Wang's life. This made me feel much honored to meet the Taoist master and to have the opportunity to attend a meditation retreat with Master Wang and to possibly learn some of the meditation techniques of his lineage.


Tears pouring down my face


When the retreat was underway, we began by doing some meditation techniques that seemed very simple but had profound effects on my being in general. After the first session, it felt that my whole body had opened up, and with the guided visualization techniques (the Secret of Golden Flower) Master Wang was leading us through, I began to see some very amazing images inside of my head. The first notable thing was that whenever we would meditate, as we began to move the Qi, tears would start to pour down my face. There were no emotions attached to the tears, it was just like some kind of release would happen and my eyes would pour tears. Richard said that my liver was opening up. This made sense to me because I had learned about the connection between the liver and the eyes in Chinese Medicine School, and we had been doing some self-massage techniques to open up our vital organs. As the days progressed, my experiences became more and more phenomenal, to the point that I was astonished. I can not possibly give examples of every experience I had within the confines of this posting because we were doing three meditation sessions a day for five days, and in the course of one session many many things would happen that were noteworthy. However, there were a couple of things that really stuck out to me that I would like to share so that other readers can get a feel for the scope of my experience while training under Master Wang.


Seeing my Soul (?,Ling)


At some point in our training, Master Wang told us to look inside and see what we could of our bodies. I looked inside and my entire body was illuminated as if it was outlined by a bright sparkling light. I could move this outlined body without moving my physical body, simply by the command if my will. I was able to make my hands and legs do whatever I wished. I felt as if this body could step away from my corporeal body and travel into the universe without depending on my physical body for breath and food and etc. It was like a reflection of my soul which is attached to, yet independent from this body, and through my will, was able to disengage, making this body seem as if it is unnecessary to exist. Of course, knowing that I am a very inexperienced practitioner, I was timid and decided I had better not mess around with this phenomenon until after talking to someone who could advise me on whether or not I should be doing this at all.


After talking to Richard, I found out that I had been seeing my Ling. In other words, I had made contact with the material aspect of my soul which is linked to the body but which can be separated and used to travel apart from the body, but also continue to live after the death of the physical body as long as the practitioner is able to control and utilize it. I was amazed. The biggest reason being that I am a relatively inexperienced practitioner and have almost no experience with such things as astral projection or anything even similar to it. After ruminating on the matter, I came to realize that Master Wang is very powerful and he is able to infuse his students' experiences in order to bring them to levels that would be far more advanced than they could possibly achieve on their own.


Refining Jing into Qi – undesirable sensation of my inside body


Another noteworthy experience came a couple of days later during the same part of the meditation when Master Wang had us look into our bodies and see what we could. This time, it was as if I was inside of myself looking around, and my body was a gigantic Buddha. It was made of a crystaline substance somewhat similar to amber, and was illuminated with a soft warm reddish/yellow glowing light. The sensations I was having at that point are really hard to describe because I had never felt anything similar in this body. It was as if nothing else even mattered. The weight of daily life was nonexistant. I felt as if the beat of my heart were irrelevant to this, as if my vitality were not dependant upon my breath. Later Richard told me that this is a part of the process of refining Jing into Qi, one of the first steps in achieving the Internal Alchemy of the Golden Pill Theory.


Master Wang is a true gem


I strongly believe that there is no way I could have possibly achieved this level of meditation without the help of Master Wang. Because of these and other experiences I had inChina, I can say with a strong sense of clarity and assuredness that I believe in the legitimacy of Master Wang's lineage and true connection with the Tao. I was not searching for a master, but somehow, Master Wang has become a part of my life. This is a sign to me that he is the teacher I am supposed to be learning to walk the path with. I feel so much gratitude toward Richard for having the wisdom to see that what I could learn from Master Wang would be so powerful for me. I also feel indebted to Master Wang for taking the time in this life to guide me along the path of the Great Way. Master Wang is a true gem.





Mr. Toksal , who is president and CEO of a NewYork based high technology company, said “I want to say that Master Wang is a very special human being. He is definitely the most authentic and highest achieved master I have met or heard of. His presence and the way he would practice with us were powerful. I got in touch with my inner self, and I could feel the emptiness for the first time. I am inspired to practice and train until I can meet up with Master Wang again. I met the most wonderful people in the workshop. At the end of the course, we were so strongly connected, as if we knew each other for many, many years. I am sure that the meditation time together contributed to this feeling. Thank you for everything, Richard, for being there for us and softly guiding us through this experience with Master Wang.”

A girl commented, "during the practice my body turns into crystal and the forearms and hands forward".   This indicated that she was refining the Jing/essence to Qi. 

Another said, “My life gate between Lumbar 4 – Lumbar 5 is so hot.”  This is a sign for his life force was stronger and hotter. 

A young man had an exciting experience when he practiced the "Secret of Golden Flower", he reported, “the light in front of me is so bright, do I need to sleep ? ”  This is a sign of his soul light was brightening. 

A student felt his body temprature is so different with that in the other winters. He said, “Oh, I feel so hot, I do not need wear many clothes on the icy cold and snowing days, but previously I was so scared of the cold winter.”  This indicated that his internal fire was up.

- written by Richard Liao,  Master Oriental Medicine Doctor, California

December 2009

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